Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you'll be:

  • Home Energy Expert

    Equipped with the necessary knowledge to confidently complete the tasks of an ENERGY STAR Rater

  • Building Science

    Boost your building science understanding and experience by becoming an ENERGY STAR Rater!

  • EPA ENERGY STAR Requirement

    Fully prepared to ace the ENERGY STAR Exam

Become a Credentialed ENERGY STAR Rater

Through this course you'll be able to identify the roles and responsibilities of an ENERGY STAR Rater, and meet the EPA's requirement to conduct verification.

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Course curriculum

    1. Lets Get Started with ENERGY STAR Basics!

    1. 1.1.1 ES Partnership Basics .pdf

    2. 1.1.2 ES Progrm policies .pdf

    3. 1.1.3 Partner Resources.pdf

    4. 1.1.4 Support for ES partners.pdf

    5. 1.1.5 Review .pdf

    6. Chapter 1 Review

    7. Chapter 1 slides PDF with hyperlinks

    1. 2.0.1 National Program requirements agenda

    2. 2.1.1 Introduction.pdf

    3. 2.1.2 Program Requirements.pdf

    4. 2.1.3 Certification Process.pdf

    5. 2.1.4 Minimum Targets .pdf

    6. 2.1.5 Examples of energy eff. measures .pdf

    7. 2.1.6 Program Resources and Links

    8. Chapter 2 Slides PDF with hyperlinks

    1. 3.1.0 Intro - Rater Design Review Checklist.pdf

    2. National Rater Design Review Checklist_Rev 8

    3. 3.1.1 Partnership Status.pdf

    4. 3.1.2 High Performance Fenestration.pdf

    5. 3.1.3 High Performance Insulation.pdf

    6. 3.1.4 Review of HVAC Design Report.pdf

    7. Chapter 3 Slides PDF with hyperlinks

    1. 4.1.0 Intro Rater Field Checklist.pdf

    2. National Rater Field Checklist_Rev8

    3. 4.1.1 High Performance Fenestration and Insulation.pdf

    4. 4.1.2 Fully Alligned Air Barriers.pdf

    5. 4.1.3 Reduced Thermal Bridging.pdf

    6. 4.1.4 Air Sealing

    7. 4.1.5 Heating and Cooling Equipment.pdf

    8. 4.1.6 Duct Quality Installation.pdf

    9. 4.1.7 Whole House Mechanical Ventilation.pdf

    10. 4.1.8 Local Mechanical Exhaust.pdf

    11. 4.1.9 Filtration

    12. 4.2.1 Combustion Appliances.pdf

    13. Chapter 4 slides PDF with hyperlinks

    1. ENERGY STAR End of Course Exam

    2. Before you go...

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Meet Your Instructor

Senior Project Manager Robert Pegues

Robert Pegues is a Senior Project Manager at US-EcoLogic. He has been with the company for over seven years, and during that time he has helped make energy efficiency and LEED for Homes easy for volume builders. Robert is a Marine corp veteran, and in addition to his work at US-EcoLogic, he also teaches LEED certification courses, serves as a RESNET Quality Assurance Auditor and Trainer, and is a QAD for both LEED and Energy Star.

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